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Petroleum Consultants

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Texas Tech University, 1985

Over thirty years of experience in the oil and gas industry, mainly in reservoir engineering. Have been involved in numerous projects over the years requiring the application of technical analysis in both engineering and geological disciplines. Have served as the lead engineer for several of Hickman McClaine and Associates, Inc.’s major clients and developed multi-discipline asset teams to accomplish major reservoir evaluation projects. Reservoir Engineering: Broad experience in traditional reservoir engineering applications such as decline curve analysis, volumetrics, log analysis, well test analysis, material balance, pressure transient analysis, PVT analysis, and other reservoir engineering applications. Have applied these techniques in a broad range of engineering assignments to gain a high proficiency with standard reservoir engineering tools. Have analyzed reservoirs producing under primary, secondary and tertiary recovery mechanisms. As a result of this background, can determine the best method to apply to achieve a solution to both routine and complex reservoir problems. Integrated Reservoir Studies: Have worked extensively with geologists and geophysicists on projects requiring the consolidation of interpretations of all types of data into an integrated answer that fully describes the best solution to a reservoir evaluation. Through these projects have developed a working knowledge of geological and geophysical concepts to allow for a better understanding of the techniques required for the most accurate reservoir characterization coupled with reservoir engineering applications that will lead to a complete integrated reservoir study that incorporates the input from both the engineering and geological disciplines. Economic Evaluations: Have completed many oil and gas economic evaluations for use in several different types of financial applications. Bank loan requirements, SEC filings, acquisition and divestiture transactions, estate tax requirements, internal company financial planning and various other projects have relied on these economic evaluations as a basis for financial decisions. Have developed these economic evaluations using commercial programs widely used in the industry. Reserve Certifications: A Qualified Reserve Estimator and Auditor. Work with the SEC and PRMS reserve definitions on a daily basis and therefore have developed a strong familiarity with the application of these definitions in the classification of reserves. Have also dealt with the reserve definitions set by other exchange commissions such as those in Canada, and Australia. Acquisition and Divestiture Work: Have conducted numerous reservoir evaluation studies for use in both acquisitions and divestitures of oil and gas properties for many clients. Have been involved in all aspects of data room procedures and have visited many data rooms to gather data for potential acquisition studies for clients. Fully understand the concept of short deadlines and highly confidential work involved in most data room related projects. Aware of the business and financial aspects of both acquisitions and divestitures and the importance of the due diligence process. Management Advisor: Experienced in management planning and decision-making processes amidst a climate of competition and risk. Provided advice in the areas of economic analysis, strategic planning, negotiation strategies, contract evaluation and conflict resolution. Reservoir Simulation: More than five years of reservoir simulation experience with oil and gas fields throughout the world. Simulation experience includes full-field and segment modeling of carbonate and clastic reservoirs, naturally fractured reservoirs, horizontal well simulation, gas and water injection and others. Well Test Analysis: Conducted numerous well test analyses for oil and gas wells. Evaluations included determination of flow boundaries, dual porosity parameters and interference tests. Retrograde Gas Reservoir Studies: Experienced in the evaluation of the effects of retrograde condensation on well productivity and reservoir recovery. Rate-Time Analysis, Material Balance Methods and Semi-Analytical Methods to Evaluate Unconventional Resources: Use these analysis tools to calculate contacted original oil in place or contacted original gas in place for unconventional reservoirs. Also utilize these analysis tools to determine reservoir properties to compare completion efficiencies and generate rock properties.

1986 to Present: Hickman McClaine and Associates, Inc., Sr. Engineer

Professional Engineer in Texas


Texas Board of Professional Engineers Appointed by Governor Abbott, 2016

Society of Petroleum Engineers Chairman of Permian Basin Section Reservoir Study Group, 1995 to 1996

Member of U.S. Council Member Benefits Committee, 1994 to 1997

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Steering Committee, 2008 to 2010

Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers, Chairman of Midland Chapter, 1998

Texas Tech University Academy of Petroleum Engineers, Inducted 2012

Catherine H. Norwood, P.E.

Consulting Engineer